Regional Polish products

Polish regionals’ products are gaining in importance. They are much more
recognizable all around the World. Usually they are made according to specific
recipes, which are transferred from old generation to future generations. We
signify them by special signs. In Poland the unit responsible for carrying out the
protection is the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Protection.They receive and
evaluate applications for the registration of designations of origin and geographical
On the European list of product protection system are thirty seven positions
from Polish’ s kitchen. It is a wide range of products – from cured meats, fruits,
vegetables, bread, honey and different kinds of cheese. In add, this list includes
products made of traditional raw materials or a classic composition and method of
The main and the most important products are “bryndza podhalańska”,
beans ; “Piękny Jaś”, “wrzawska”, carp from Zator (karp zatorski), honey from
podkarpacie (miód podkarpacki), “oscypek” cheese and cherries from Wisła.

As a inhabitants of voivodeship’ s Łódzkie, we would like to show the list of our
regionals products.
These are:
“Chrzan from Warta” (chrzan nadwarciański), whole heads (kapusta kiszona),
cherry compote (kompot wiśniowy), honey from the Bzura river valley (miód z
doliny rzeki bzura), ripening ham from Biała Góra (szynka dojrzewająca z Białej
Góry), the farmer’s buckwheat black pudding from Kazimierz (kaszanka gryczana
gospodarza z Kazimierza), carp from Grabia (karp z Grabi).
The production of “Chrzan from Warta” by the old Polish tradition:
The product was accepted on the list of traditional products in 2008.

It is uniformly creamy white, has a thick mass with well-perceptible fibrous
particles, its aroma is sharp and penetrating with a hint of sour and sweet. The
unpasteurized product, without preservatives, retains its taste for 2-3 months. It
has a positive effect on metabolism, will improve the functioning of the liver and
kidneys. It contains a large amount of vitamin C, therefore it significantly improves
the body’s immunity.

Are you curious how to prepare one of these specialties? Below you will find
a recipe for sauerkraut in whole heads (kapusta kiszona).
We have to start with a metal pot or other vessel that can hold a head of
cabbage. The head should be surrounded by brine on each side. Leave for several
months in the pot until the cabbage is soft. You can make cabbage rolls from
prepared cabbage.

Poland is characterised by a large number of standard products which are
produced exclusively in our country. We can boast of many years of tradition and
methods of preparing the products and dishes for which they are used.
Are you interested in Polish specialties?

Article written by the crew of Żeromska Odyseja: Olga Leśniowska, Weronika Grudzień, Ignacy Leśkiewicz, Karolina Zalewska, Patrycja Miśkiewicz, Milena Miziała

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