Flora plays a large role in Italian architecture. Plants are part of decoration of many Italian houses, hotels as well as historical places.

Italian houses are often covered with climbing plant varieties, such as ivy or grapevine.  These plants grow around windows, reducing the amount of light that enters the house and heats up the room.  This is especially important in the Mediterranean climate where Venezia Giulia is located.  In addition, these plants help to maintain constant humidity in the building, which also affects the temperature. 
            Hotels in this region are also decorated with dense greenery.  Green colour is associated with harmony, peace and success.  That makes hotel guests feel better and relaxed.  In addition to the combination of natural materials, such as sandstone or brick with plants, significantly affects the aesthetics of the entire building and encourages potential customers. 
            Historical buildings such as old churches, and castles also appear accompanied by greenery.  Vines have an aesthetic function, they retain moisture and, depending on whether the traces of damage are desired or not, they can emphasize or hide them.  In addition, trees growing in the area can protect against weather conditions (mainly wind).
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