The greenhouse effect, climate changes, air pollution, rising water levels and weather breakdowns are just some of the environmental problems nowadays. The effects are visible all over the world and different solutions are being introduced depending on the country.

rośliny - carbon dioxide


Increased concentration of carbon dioxide in the air for plants and organisms that perform photosynthesis may increase their growth rate. In recent decades, plants have started to grow faster due to the construction of factories and increased tourist traffic in northern Italy.


As we know, water is needed to produce glucose (the main source of energy) in chloroplasts. In northern Italy, water towers are being built to prevent floods. Their task is to collect water from nearby areas when the water level is too high. During periods of drought caused by too high temperatures and lack of rainfall, the collected water is distributed to the nearest fields.

water tower
połamane drzewa


Freak weather conditions such as storms, droughts, floods or strong winds have serious consequences, especially in forest areas. Such conditions often cause trees to break, e.g. in the southern Alps. In addition to phenomena visible to the naked eye, such processes disrupt the plant development cycle. The seasons begin to blur and extreme weather conditions force the organism to adapt to the new surrounding.

Climate changes are serious problems in the world around us, and to counteract it it is important to introduce well-thought-out solutions. A country like Italy introduces many innovations to counteract them and protect beautiful landscapes, fauna and flora.

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