Causes of fire

The temperature is getting higher and the average annual rainfall are getting reducer. This is the reason why we can see more and more extreme weather phenomen. One of them is fire. The main cause of fire in Italy is global warning, which is the effect of human working (mainly excess emission of a methane and carbon dioxide to the atmosphere). Over the last 20 years the risk of fire explosion have risen 9%

Fire protection

In a suitable way in care is only 18% of a Italy forest. The rest is in danger of fire. Representatives of the region’s authorities are raising alarm and appealing to the government to allocate more financial resources to prevent fires.

Fire forecasts

In the researchers’ pessimistic screenplay the forest fire season will be extended by 20-40 days a year in the coming years. Forest fires are one of the most dangerous danger for the forest. This is a factor that drastically disrupts the life processes of ecosystems.

Effects of forest fires

When fires cover large areas, the fires are considered ecological disasters. Uring the fire to the atmosphere are releasing: carbon monoxide, solid and liquid particles (smokes), hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides. weakened by fires, trees are easily overrun by harmful insects and parasitic fungi. This leads to their death and constitutes a breeding ground for pests that threatens neighboring forests. A secondary negative effect caused by forest fires are abiotic changes in ecosystems, including changes in the microclimate and soil. Forest fires result in a significant reduction in biodiversity. The direct result is total or partial damage to plants, death of soil organisms and animals, as well as destruction of the habitats of many of their species.

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