Polish sauerkraut - a delicacy full of health

“I gave him a taste of real Polish sauerkraut and a charming grin appeared on his face…”.

– anonymus

Sauerkraut is a method of food preservation based on the lactic fermentation process carried out by lactic bacteria. As a result of this process, the simple sugars in the plant cells are broken down into lactic acid, thus inhibiting rotting processes (by inhibiting bacterial growth). The correct course of pickling depends on the content of sugars and water, maintaining the right temperature, removing air and pouring brine over the raw materials. On an industrial scale, pickling is carried out in large vats or concrete silos.

Silage is most commonly made from cucumbers, cabbage, beets, carrots and radishes. You can also pickle less obvious crops such as garlic, cauliflower, or even plums, bananas, lemons, or strawberries.

Pickling not only extends the shelf life of food, but also gives it new health-promoting properties. Pickles have a beneficial effect on metabolism and are a natural probiotic. There is also more and more talk about their effect on the body’s immunity.  What other benefits do we get from eating pickles?


  • influence intestinal function (by regulating bacterial flora)
  • strengthen the immune system
  • protect against disease
  • natural probiotic
  • prevents intestinal inflammation
  • source of vitamin C, magnesium, potassium and calcium, fiber
  • delay the aging process
  • have a beneficial effect on hair, skin and nails

Pickling process is very simple and everyone can make pickles by themselves at home. All you need to do is to put selected vegetables or fruits in a jar and then pour water with salt (often with the addition of garlic, dill or horseradish leaves).

Pickles with their sour aftertaste wonderfully enhance the taste sensation of food, so they are a great addition to dishes. They can also be eaten alone, as a healthy snack, being a portion of vegetables or fruit necessary in our daily diet.

Interesting facts about pickles:

Although pickles have a positive effect on the body, people with certain medical conditions should limit their intake. If you suffer from hypertension you need to be careful because pickled foods contain a high salt content. People taking anticoagulants should also eat pickles with caution because of the potassium contained in them which may reduce the effect of the preparations.

Sauerkraut juice is good for people who have problems with rheumatism. What is more, drinking such a drink strengthens immunity and helps relieve cough. On the other hand, pickled cucumber juice will help to fight migraines and pickled beet juice will cleanse the body of toxins.

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