The role of gastronomy and culinary tourism in the development of the tourism industry with the example of Greece.

Despite the mixture of cultures and the fact that everything is available in other countries, when going to a place with a particular
culture or cuisine, dishes from native places will always be better. An example of this can be seen in the tourist development of Greece.
Products from there are available in many stores even in Poland. However, the food items will not be as fresh, tasty as the ones from a
local Greek market. This attracts many people who want to explore different cuisines and cultures.

The role of food in Greece is very important. It is part of the tourism that contributes to ¼ of the country’s GDP. In the Land of the
Blooming Olive, recipes for dishes which appear in restaurants or even on family tables are often passed down from generation to generation. This is what makes them so unique. Family businesses are very common in Greece, that’s why some dishes may vary from region to region. Restaurants in Greece often have partnerships with producers such as feta cheese factories, growers and farmers. This keeps the food fresh and high quality. 


The thing that attracts people to Greece is the variety of dishes. There are dishes for meat lovers such as Souvlaki and
Moussaka. But that’s not all. In this country we can also taste dishes based on seafood and vegetables such as Gemisto, Fasolatha and
Spanakopita. Availability of local products is much better than in Poland. You can taste fresh fruits such as kiwi, oranges, strawberries,
apples (green apples in Greece > green apples in Poland), tomatoes and many others. You can also try: halva, honey, olive oil, sesame and
baklava. The best part of visiting Greece is that we can take these products with us to Poland to enjoy the best quality and taste of our

Gastronomy and culinary tourism is very important in the development of Greek tourism. The taste of the dishes is unique and
hard to recreate at home. Visiting Greece just for food is absolutely worth the whole effort of traveling there. However, remember that
beside some lovely food, there’ll many others places to see and people to meet.

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