Endangered species in Italy

There are many different species in the world. They live in different habitat and have diverse adaptations to life. Unfortunately, some of these species are threatened with extinction or have already become extinct.

Forest fires in Italy

Fires are starting to appear with increasing frequency, wreaking enormous havoc and posing a threat to both people and animals. In this article you can find out what are the causes and effects of fires in Italy.

Characteristic grape species in Italy

Italy is one of the oldest regions where vines began to be cultivated. The Italians compete with Spain and France for the title of the largest wine producer in the entire world! In this country, more than one million vineyards extrude about 15% of the world’s wine production.

Lake Cornino

According to legend, Lake Cornino was created from the tears of the goddess Hera, who cried over the death of her beloved son. Her tears fell to the ground, creating a beautiful lake.

The role of flora in the economy of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region

In Friuli Venezia Giulia, the land yields a remarkable harvest. Olive oil takes center stage, offered in diverse flavors, showcasing the seller’s creativity. “Kaki” or persimmons, a sweet and juicy delight, find their way abroad, backed by science highlighting their anti-cancer properties. This region’s rich soil also yields an abundance of sugar beets, cauliflower and etc. making it a culinary haven.

Fauna in Venice

A lot of animals have found their home in Venice, which, despite being a very touristy place, is a very hospitable location. During our time on the island we’ve had an opportunity to see many spieces of animals. Due to the Mediterranean climate, the archipelago is inhabited by marine creatures. Such as birds, fishes or crustaceans.

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